JL Chilled Fish House, processor and exporter of 100% Fresh/Chilled Sea and Fresh Water Fish. “Chilled” (Maintain the Fresh Fish temperature between +1c to +5c) is a term usually applied in Fish preservation where fish never been Frozen (-18c to -25c).

Our primary goal is to satisfy the valuable customer by supplying the best quality Fresh Fish in form of Chilled. JL Chilled Fish House is dedicated to providing the customers with quality services and competitive price.

Characteristics and Quality of Fresh / Chilled Fish:
Chilled fish always contains the characteristics test and quality of fresh fish that are like newly caught fish and having its original quality unimpaired. In good Chilled condition, a Fish contains its original Fresh characteristics of which, firm & elastic flesh not separating from the bone, Fresh and mild odor having practically no “fishy” odor, bright and transparent eye and finally shiny with iridescent appearance.

“Chilled/Fresh Fish” is a short-term of preservation technique, where fishes are preserving in terms of extension of shelf life of fresh fish, keeping its original quality and characteristics unimpaired.

Literally, Chilling is a process by which temperature of fish are lowered to a point near freezing but not bellow it by means of heat withdrawal. The object of chilling is to cool the fish as quickly as possible, to as low a temperature as possible, without freezing. Chilling storage is widely used because it results in effective short-term preservation.

Various methods are used for chilling of fish like, Chilling of fish with Ice (Block ice, Flake ice, Tube ice and Plate ice), Fish immersed in chilled water (RSW, CSW), and Preservative ice (Sodium benzoate, Benzoic acid, Fumaric acid, H2O2) etc. Ice is simply solid water, which has been change from liquid to a solid state by the removal of heat energy. When ice are placed in close contact with the fish to be chilled the three phenomena takes place like, heat is with drawn from the fish, lower the temperature of fish and finally ice is melt.

We concentrate in packing (Poly Foam Box with Plenty of Fresh Crushed Ice, that is about 30% to 35% Crushed Ice of Fish Weight) all our Sea and Fresh water Fish under the strictest Quality Control and Quality Assurance standards including Fish Health Veterinarian's certificate. We personally monitor production, from farm cultivation and marine cage analysis through processing and packaging to land transportation and logistics. We specialize in providing bendable logistical services including:
We ship our Fresh/ Chilled Fish by Air only in order to maintain the Quality and Freshness of the Fish.